This Is Real And Amazing: The Power Of Words

  ‘Change Your Words, Change Your World’

Happiness Is……


What does happiness mean to you?

Wordless Wednesday: The Paradox Of Our Age

paradox of our age

Just a little thought to start your Wednesday……….. please remember to…..

Life Is Like A Cup Of Coffee?

inspiration-life is like a cup of coffeeGood Morning! Have you had a wonderful weekend?

I can’t believe Monday has rolled around already; is it me or do the weeks zoom by really fast?? Monday, to me,  feels like a fresh start to the week; the beginning of new plans and, often, the beginning of starting something new. How many people start a new diet, exercise plan or even a new job on a Monday? Just lately I’ve set myself a new goal every Sunday night for the week ahead. It doesn’t have to be big, but every week it’s something different and something outside of my comfort zone. Take this week for example…….

Motivational Monday

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I would like to share with you two video’s I found over the weekend. Both them, even though so different, reminded me to enjoy life, just as it is. To stop and smell the roses and to just be. So before you start your week ahead, with everything you have planned, remember to stop and just be and enjoy the little moments you have, right there and then……

Don’t Ever Quit

life is like a camera

All of us have times when the easiest thing to do would be to give up. The trick is to keep going because you just never know how close you might have come…..

What Are You Waiting For?


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