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2Days Window Into The World


window into the world New Zealand

Come in and take a look through todays window……

2Days window into the world is a photo of my favorite beach. I love going to the beach. As soon as my feet touch the sand I instantly feel relaxed, no matter what time of year it is.

We enjoy going to the beach as a family, whether it’s going for a walk after dinner on a summers evening or playing for hours on end on a sunday afternoon. In summer we spend most days on the beach swimming and playing. In winter we love going for a walk on a stormy day and watch the waves roll in.

I love the smell of the sand and salty water. I love the sound of the waves rolling in and children laughing.

Whenever I need to clear my head or relax from a stressed week, I head to the beach, works a treat every time.

Do you live near a beach – if so, do you love going to the beach?

**If you would like to participate in “Window into the world” send me an email with a photo of your favorite place in the world and a brief explanation why its your favorite place.**

I am planning on posting a “2Days window into the world” on a weekly basis and would love to feature all of your favorite places around the world. I think it will be a fun way of finding out how other women live around the world and what they like doing. I will add a link to your Blog under neath your photo, that way, we can all visit your Blog (If you have one) You can also be anonymous if you prefer. I will only state the country of where the photo is taken, no other information will be given.

If you are interested, flick me an email ; raquel@2dayswoman.com


Raquel :-)

If you enjoyed this post, make sure you subscribe to my RSS feed!
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