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May 19, 2019
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Five Reasons People Embrace Ear Stretching

Feb 5, 2019

These days, more and more people find ear stretching fashionable and stylish. In this process, a healed piercing is enlarged using progressively bigger pieces of jewelry. It takes time to stretch an ear piercing and it should be done patiently and slowly so the earlobe does not tear. Once the piercing has been stretched to the desired stretch, a hollow or wide-gauge piece of jewelry can be worn in the enlarged hole. If you haven’t practiced ear stretching yet, here are compelling reasons you should:

It is Fashionable

Body piercing and modification is a trend. People have been considering ear stretching fashionable for many years. Also, ear piercing is associated with some social cliques and subcultures.

It is Traditional

In some tribal and indigenous cultures, gauging ears is traditional. These days, it is likely for people in the West to stretch an ear piercing as an ethnic or cultural reference or show respect for a certain tribal culture that practices ear stretching. Thus, people in the world who adopt ear stretching or piercing as a tradition will follow through to connect with their cultural roots.

It is Permanent

When left without a piece of jewelry for a long period, a small-gauge piercing will often heal itself. In fact, those who have had small-gauge piercing for many years will see their pierce heal when they take out their jewelry. But, a stretched ear piercing is permanent. After stretching the ear past a particular point, it tends to lose its ability to heal the bigger hole. Thus, piercing becomes permanent with stretching.

It Comes with Bearable Pain

The pain that comes with ear stretching depends on you, your ear lobes’ anatomy, and your pain threshold. But, although you can expect a specific amount of discomfort with some people reporting stinging, throbbing, or burning pain, you need to keep in mind that the stretching process is not very painful.

Healing Doesn’t Take Long

With stretching, you work with a previously healed piercing which means that your piercing heals quickly and smoothly without complications when you following the correct aftercare. Below are some tips to make sure your stretched earlobes heal well:

  • Use salt water soaks to clean the area two times every day.
  • Take out any jewelry you are wearing and clean your ear and jewelry every day to clean out dead skin, moisture, and dirt that could cause infection.
  • Wear jewelry made from high-quality materials to promote smooth healing.
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