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May 19, 2019
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Hair loss can have both physical and psychosocial impacts on a person. It can cause significant and devastating emotions in them which can have negative effects on their quality of life. Typically, hair follicles go through repetitive regenerative cycles. Every cycle is composed of the anagen, catagen, and telogen hair growth. When this cycle is disrupted, hair thinning and hair loss occur. Hair loss is commonly caused by androgenetic alopecia.

Common Treatment Options for Hair Loss

Traditionally, hair loss is treated using topical creams, injectable cortisone or hormone medications, and prescription medicines as well as through scalp reduction surgery. But, the effects of these treatments may not be quite promising and they may have side effects.

Fortunately, low-level laser therapy (LLLT) has been introduced as an effective solution for treating hair loss and thinning hair for both men and women. This therapy makes use of non-invasive, pain-free light technology for hair follicles stimulation and inducing hair growth.

How LLLT Works

LLLT improves the oxygen exchange chain in the mitochondria, resulting in more ATP and Cyclic AMP formation. As nitric oxide and toxins are displaced, cells let the entry of more oxygen, stimulating better growth, inducing angiogenesis, developing new blood vessels around follicles, and decreasing inflammation.

LLT for Hair Growth

A laser’s red light wavelength emits 650 to 370 nm light which can stimulate cells within the hair follicles, promoting hair growth. The laser’s energy is directly delivered to the scalp. This metabolizes cells by increasing the circulation of blood and oxygen supply to the follicles. In turn, it stimulates hair in the resting stage to the growth stage.

The therapy can work for people who have either moderate or serious hair loss. Ideally, the therapy should be obtained two times every week to treat hair loss effectively. The special laser hair growth device should be worn for twenty minutes.

How Quickly can you See Results

According to some studies, the therapy can show results after various periods of time, for different people. But, on average those who have tried the therapy saw results after about 26 weeks of using the device. Results on various parts of the scalp can vary. It is possible for the treatment to work well on a portion of the scalp and promote hair growth. However, it is likely that the treatment won’t work as well on other portions of the scalp, resulting in uneven hair growth.

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