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June 16, 2019
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Anyone who has or is going through the process of buying hair extensions will be faced with the choice of synthetic or Remy hair extensions.

Remy hair extensions, which are made with real human hair, are a better choice for a number of reasons. Not only do they last longer but they look more natural too.

Synthetic hair extensions might look great when you first purchase them but they’ll never blend well with your natural hair and you won’t even be able to dye or style them. While they may cost you less in the short term, they won’t last very long and you will need to replace them quite soon after buying them.

Over and above these factors, synthetic hair can also be very dangerous, here’s why.

Why synthetic hair can be dangerous

Low-quality materials can affect your skin

Most synthetic hair is made of monofilament fibers, acrylic and polyester, materials that can have harmful effects on your hair and skin. Remember that your extensions are in constant contact with your scalp so if you have sensitive skin, this could lead to irritations.

Quality can’t be determined

You never quite know how synthetic hair was manufactured so it’s hard to know what its real quality is too. While synthetic hair extensions might be priced at a premium, this in no way indicates that the hair is of good quality. EH Hair salons are specialised in tape in hair extensions that are made with 100% human hair, this means that the quality is guaranteed. Synthetic hair extensions are a much riskier buy and you could end up wasting a lot of money on a product that will end up in the bin a week later.

Synthetic extensions are highly flammable

Synthetic hair extensions are not resistant to heat and the fibres are highly flammable, which means that styling tools become particularly dangerous. When heat is applied to low-quality extensions, they can melt and burn, which could end up destroying your natural hair.

Synthetic extensions can lead to the growth of bacteria

When your scalp can’t breathe, bacteria and fungus can begin to grow. The synthetic fibres don’t move and breathe in the same way that your natural hair does, which means that the scalp can become warm and moist, the perfect breeding ground for fungus.

Synthetic hair tangles and matts very easily

Artificial extensions only have a few washes in them before they lose their shine and become matted and tangled. While you might be thinking that you can simply remove them if this happens, this isn’t always the case. If your natural hair becomes matted with the synthetic hair, you could have a hard time removing the extensions. This can ultimately end up damaging your natural hair.

Overall, it simply doesn’t make sense to waste your time and money purchasing synthetic hair extensions. If you don’t have the budget for Remy hair extensions, rather save some money until you can purchase the real deal.

Ferris Garret

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